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Top 10 Affordable Universities in the United States for International Students

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Blog Summary Discovering the top 10 affordable universities in the U.S. for international students isn't just about cost-saving. It's a journey into quality education, diverse campus cultures, and opportunities that offer both value and excellence, ensuring a globally recognized degree without breaking the bank
Top 10 Affordable Universities in the United States

Top-ranked universities, lucrative job opportunities, and an easy lifestyle makes the United States of America a popular study destination in the world – attracting millions of international students every year to study.

But with such high standards comes a PRICE!

Exorbitant tuition fees at American colleges often become a roadblock for many Nepalese students.

Is there a solution?

There is, of course!

In this blog, we will explore the top 10 affordable universities to study at in the USA.

So, read up and start packing your bags to the land of the free!

Now, let's get started!

California State University, San Bernardino

Located in sunny California, this university offers a diverse range of courses at the undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, credential, and certificate levels.

Tuition fees are roughly divided into the following categories:

Particulars Undergraduate Graduate
Tuition fees $16,722 $13,404
Additional expenses $18,864 $18,864
Total $35,586 $32,268

*1 US Dollar = 130.74 Nepalese Rupee* 

On-campus facilities are as follows:

  • Academic Advising
  • Housing & Residential Life
  • Ombuds Services
  • Parking
  • Police
  • Psychological Counselling
  • Services to Students with Disabilities
  • Student Health Center
  • Transcripts

Southeast Missouri State University

If you are looking for a career-driven university programme, Southeast Missouri university is just the one for you.

Here is the division of the tuition fees in this university: 

Particulars Undergraduate Graduate
Tuition & general Fees $15,585 $11,940
Additional charges $9,000 $6,750
Total $10,690 $18,690

Some amazing facts about Southeast Missouri State University:

  • 98% of its graduates get employed after completing their graduation straightaway.
  • It is the only university in Missouri that is accredited in all four areas: arts, dance, music, and theatre.
  • The university has won the Missouri Cyber Defense State Champions title 10 times. Now, that's huge!
  • Students from this university have won the National Debate Championship three times.

Arkansas State University

A great research university for Nepalese students who aim to pursue a degree in research, Arkansas State has contributed to a number of research works for a better world – ranging from high-performance computing platforms to plant-based bioproduction to cultural heritage projects.

The university offers 160 degree programmes in addition to research graduates. The tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate programmes range from $8000 to $9500. 

University of Wisconsin

It is a public university with a strong ideology that education should serve the purpose of serving humankind. It has a powerful role to play in Wisconsin's economy, where it contributes $15 billion annually. 

Tuition fees are roughly divided into the following categories:

Particulars Undergraduate Graduate
Tuition Fees $39,354 $25,504
Additional Expenses $14,044 $15,596
Total $53,398 $41,100

Some interesting facts about the University of Wisconsin:

  • Since its foundation in 1848, the university has given 20 Nobel Prizes to the world.
  • 41 Pulitzer Prize-winners received their education here.
  • It is ranked tenth among public universities in the United States.

University of Louisiana-Monroe

A state-funded university with students from over 40 countries, it has over 96 undergraduate and graduate programmes – and offers admission in the fall, spring, and summer.

This is the tuition fee breakdown for undergraduate and graduate programmes: 

Particulars Undergraduate Graduate
Tuition Fee $9550 $9510
Non-resident fee $12,100 $12,100
Total $21,650 $21,610

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Southwest Minnesota State University

Located in one of the best 'small' cities in America, the university offers a variety of courses in business, psychology, and science. It is famously known for its 4-year programme in liberal arts.

The average tuition fee for Southwest Minnesota State University is as follows: 

Particulars Undergraduate Graduate
Tuition Fee $10,116 $9,324
Additional charges $10,458 $9,478
Total $20,574 $18,802

Northwest Missouri State University

With over 160 major programmes, Northwest Missouri State University has award-winning faculty services blended with cutting-edge education systems. It is an ideal campus that connects research work to career opportunities across the globe.

The tuition fee for undergraduate and graduate programmes is known to range between $19,000 and $8,000 in the academic year 2022–23. 

Dakota State University

With 99% placement, Dakota State University has been dubbed the "next big thing" in university rankings. This university offers world-class education at the most affordable price in America. The average cost of studying at a university is around $20,000, inclusive of tuition and additional charges. 

The City University of New York

The largest urban university in America, this university has about 25 colleges that give out 50,000 degrees every year.

The university's historic mission continues to this day – which is to provide a first-rate public education to all students, regardless of means or background.

Out-of-state residents pay $18,600 per year in tuition and receive a variety of scholarship aids. 

South Texas College

A relatively new college built in 1993, South Texas College offers 127 degree and certificate options. The college is well-resourced, with 220 faculty members that deliver excellent education to students.

Now, that is a lot of universities to make your American college dream come true at a budget price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which US universities offer quality education at affordable rates for international students?
Institutions like the University of Florida, Brigham Young University, University of Minnesota, University of Iowa, and San Diego State University are known for their affordability and quality.
How do these universities maintain affordability without compromising on quality?
These universities often have state funding, large endowments, or cost-effective programs tailored for international students.
Are there scholarships or financial aids available for international students at these universities?
Yes, many of these universities offer scholarships, grants, or financial aid options to support and attract international students.
How do living costs compare in the regions where these universities are located?
Living costs can vary, but many of these universities are located in regions with a lower cost of living compared to major metropolitan areas.

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