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Upcoming Intakes in USA for International Students 2024

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Blog Summary A guide detailing the various intake seasons in the USA for international students, discussing their timelines and application processes.

Did you know that the USA attracts over a million students every year?

Yes, over the last decade, the USA has retained its position as one of the preferred study destinations for international students. With highly ranked universities, top-notch amenities and generous scholarships, it is not surprising that it has been the go-to country for higher education. However, the decision to study in the USA could be a life-altering one and would require meticulous planning and research before you take that final leap.

If you wish to study in the USA, you should start planning for it at least one year before the desired time. Unlike other study abroad destinations, the USA enrols students 3 times a year. Want to know more about student intakes in the USA? Read to get an overview of all three intakes and the process of applying for each intake: 

List of student intakes in USA




August/ September 2022


From January to April 2022


From May to August 2022

 1. Fall intake in USA

The fall intake starts in August and ends in September. Most institutions in the USA have a fall intake making it one of the popular intake for international students. Many post-study work opportunities and internships would be available to you as part of the fall intake since you would have a sizable network and be familiar with all the openings as soon as they are announced. You would have also completed the mandatory nine months in the USA, which would qualify you to apply for campus jobs like Teaching Assistant, Graduate Assistant, cafeteria manager, Bookkeeping etc.

If you wish to apply for the fall intake, the shortlisting of universities should begin by March or April to enrol in a university seamlessly. Besides, you should prepare for scoring required marks in English/admission tests to qualify for the Fall intake. The paperwork like SOPLetter of recommendations, etc., would follow subsequently, after which you would be issued a visa and ready to board the flight to the USA.

2. Spring intake in USA

The spring intake is the second intake for international students in the USA and is popularly called the January intake. It is available for a limited number of courses like diplomas and certifications and a few masters programs.

Students who have missed the fall intake can apply for the January intake. This gives you sufficient time to prepare and step into the USA as an international student. However, a spring intake would not allow you to apply for summer internships, as you would not have completed the nine months stay mandate to qualify for one. If you wish to apply for spring intake, you should shortlist your college by August and make sure your paperwork is processed by November to apply for a visa. 

3. Summer intake in USA

This intake starts around May and is popularly known as the summer intake. It comprises shorter courses and mostly preparatory ones like language courses for non-English speaking students. There are fewer courses offered and even fewer applications, so the chances of securing an admit are higher during this intake. If you wish to apply for a course during the summer intake, you need to prepare by January and make sure your visa has been approved by March or April.

Studying in the USA can be a life-changing experience. It requires proper planning and preparation to land in your favourite institution in the appropriate intake without any procedural delays. Hence, you should start preparing by shortlisting your preferred colleges right away. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many intakes are there for international students in the USA?
The USA primarily has three intakes for international students: Fall (August/September), Spring (January), and Summer (April/May).
Which is the most popular intake for international students?
The Fall intake is the most popular and has the majority of courses on offer. It's also when universities offer the most scholarships.
How early should students apply for these intakes?
It's advisable for students to start their application process at least 12 months before the intended intake to allow time for preparations, exams, and visa processes.
Are there specific courses or programs available only in certain intakes?
Some specialized courses might be offered only during the Fall or Spring intakes. It's essential to check with the specific university or program of interest.

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