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5 Best Universities to Study Engineering in the US

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Blog Summary Spotlight on the US's engineering giants, discussing their academic programs, research innovations, and the unparalleled opportunities they offer to students.
5 Best Universities to Study Engineering in the US

From smartphones to AirPods, electric scooters and wireless charging, engineers are actively building and developing solutions to cope with the fast-paced world. The need for technology and the scarcity of natural resources have created a massive demand for both core and non-core engineers, worldwide.

When it comes to the United States, the country has over 300 accredited universities which offer more than 2,000 undergraduate degrees in Engineering and Technology. Though the need to pursue an engineering course varies from student to student, the US has emerged as a suitable destination for international students aspiring to study and work for an extended period. 

For some international students, studying engineering is a path that leads to a profitable and successful career. While for another few, it is a passion to bring advancement and build a sustainable future for further generations. 

Studying engineering in the US is probably the best and the most popular route to bring your aspirations to light. The below mentioned are 5 of the best universities/institutions to study engineering in the US.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The undergraduate engineering program at MIT is one of the country’s tedious admissions to crack, considering only 8% of international student’s applications across the world. Mechanical and Computer Sciences Engineering are the most sought after undergraduate engineering programs in the institution. Also, did you know? MIT has over 300 full-time professors!

International students can choose from 15 engineering disciplines, many of which are highly ranked and acknowledged worldwide. To build international students’ knowledge, there are over 15 research centres on-campus which focus on diverse fields such as nanotechnology, health/cancer research and ocean engineering.

Even international students studying engineering at MIT can put forth their innovative business ideas and can get a chance to win the competition prize of $100K. As a new approach, the institution offers engineers a part-time course to switch between engineering fields known as Career Reengineering Program. 

2. Stanford University

With over 15 interdisciplinary research institutes and 7 schools within the campus, Stanford is one of the most prestigious and largest universities in the US, comprising of School of Earth, Graduate School of Business, Graduate School of Education, Energy & Environmental Sciences, School of Humanities and Sciences, School of Engineering, School of Medicine and Law School.

Every year students from 80+ countries, with a staggering count of 16,000 international students enrol at Stanford. Compared to other institutions, Stanford offers a lesser number of engineering courses (Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, General Engineering, Chemical Engineering). However, each course is highly ranked and recognised worldwide through which international students can effortlessly land their dream job with a hefty pay.

Organisations run by Stanford alumni generate over 2.5$ trillion revenue annually, which is the 10th largest economy globally. Some of the organisations are Nike, Google, Netflix and Instagram.

Konw about Top Computer Science Universities in USA

3. California Institute of Technology

International Students studying at California Institute of Technology can enrol in one of its kind engineering courses in civil, aeronautical, mechanical or electrical engineering which can be completed in 2 years. The institute also offers part-time engineering courses and PhD programs.

California Institute of Technology offers an array of engineering programs right from Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. International Students studying at this institute can actively be involved in research centres (on-campus) such as Neuromorphic Systems Engineering and Material Engineering1.

Under the summer undergraduate research fellowships (SURF), over 85% of the institute’s undergraduate students are given an opportunity to conceptualise, research, design and complete a new project with the aid of highly experienced professors - usually between 3 and 4 months.

4. Georgia Institute of Technology

Did you know? The institute has 9 satellite campuses (physically at a certain distance from the institution) including one in Ireland, France, and Singapore. Some of the popular engineering courses in Georgia Institute of Technology are Materials Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Civil, structure and Mechanical Engineering.

Georgia Tech continually ranks amongst the best universities in the US for the number of research conducted every year. In 2020, the institution got over $1 billion to research and address some critical issues in engineering, computing design, and business. 

International students studying at Georgia Institute of Technology are encouraged to develop new ideas in areas including advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, hypersonic technology and quantum system.

5. Yale University

Yale University is one of the 3rd oldest and highly regarded institutions in the US. The university is also a member of the Ivy League which is a cluster of USA’s most famous education institutions. Engineering courses at Yale are offered in the domains such as Computer, Biomedical Environment, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical and Material Science.

The curriculum of Yale University’s undergraduate engineering programs ranges from intensively technical to those with a considerable amount of lesser specialised curriculum that provides international students with the freedom to add non-technical subjects as per their choice.

The Centre of Engineering Innovation and Design: CEID at Yale University helps international students to research and come up with practical ways to improve human life span through the rapidly advancing nano-technology. CEID also acts as an engine to launch impactful projects by providing international students with adequate resources to create, learn and share.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the top universities in the US for engineering studies?
Institutions like MIT, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), University of California--Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon University are renowned for their engineering programs.
How do these US universities enhance the engineering learning experience?
These universities offer cutting-edge research facilities, industry collaborations, experienced faculty, and a diverse student community, enriching the learning experience.
Are there scholarships or financial aid available for international students at these universities?
Yes, many top US universities offer scholarships, grants, and financial aid options to attract and support international students.
How do these universities support international students during their studies?
They provide dedicated international student offices, orientation programs, mentorship, and academic support tailored for international students.

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